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Even though tech can help you be more efficient… Putting all the pieces together can make your head explode.

I am ready to outsource the tech.

Bedrock Innovations is here to make that process easy. Together, we’ll discuss how to stack each layer of your online home step-by-step.

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Damashe Thomas here. I am the founder and Chief Technology Consultant of Bedrock Innovations. I partner with small business owners by taking the tech off their plate. 

If you’re looking for someone to help you get your online home in order…Keep reading!

Is Bedrock Innovations right for me?

Bedrock Innovations is perfect for you if you are:

A busy business owner tired of losing hours to back office tasks and admin work

Craving automation and efficient work flows without ever lifting a finger

Ready for a partner that’ll keep your servers spinning and online home protected

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Technology Consulting

Building a new site, growing an email list, and connecting payment integrations can get a little confusing.
Whether you need a quick chat or in-depth consultation, my door is open.

Self-Hosted Email Solution to grow your list

Continue ownership of your online collateral by owning your list. Perks of a self-hosted email provider include:

Connect With Your Audience

Without censoring 
your content

Eliminating Risk

Eliminate the risk of account suspension or deactivation


Create powerful opt-ins even if you have zero design or tech experience

Technology Consulting

Your host is the foundation of your online home. Only problem is many hosting companies lack continuity. Outstanding tech support and easy management is just a taste of what you will receive when you join the Bedrock community. Partner with a managed WordPress host that will:

· Keep your site online
· Prevent downtime
· Improve site speed
· Protect your site
· Use best practices and advanced tools

Brand Your Email Address

Don’t look like those amateurs with an email address saying

Maintain the highest level of professionalism by branding your address:

Secure Website Maintenance

Keep hackers out and automate site backups. My secure site blueprint taps into advanced monitoring, routine backups, and secure updates.

Clean Multisite Installation

Ever wonder how the big boys prevent downtime even while managing multiple assets?

That’s the power of a multisite. A multisite setup is recommended for business owners that

· Anticipate folding several smaller entities under the overall brand
· Long to manage several sites under one hood

How To Get Started

Applying for services can be done in a few easy steps. Read below to follow the pre-qualification process.

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